Custom Crating

Did you hire G Metz Moving, your trusted movers in Providence RI for your upcoming move? Obviously, the answer to that is yes! Did you know we also provide packing services? Of course, you do! BUT, did you know that we provide custom crating? You might now be asking yourself “What kinds of things would we need custom crated?” Well we are going to answer that for you now!

When you hire G Metz Moving you are hiring a company that cares about your belongings. Our job is to safely move your belongings from point A to point B and that is exactly what we do! All our trucks have furniture pads on them to wrap your furniture, mirrors, artwork and even sometimes televisions. They are wrapped up and placed in the truck in a way that they won’t be moving around in the truck while its in motion.

What you might not know is that G Metz Moving offers a specialty service called Custom Crating. What is this? Well simple, its boxing up your artwork or specialty pieces in a crate made specifically for that piece. They will use layers of bubble wrap and tape to protect the piece of artwork within the crate that was made for each specific piece of work you have.

We have crated many different pieces of artwork of all different sizes. From smaller pieces of work to rather larger pieces. We also have built custom crates for Grandfather Clocks. I’ve said it before and ill say it again…G Metz Moving your trusted movers out of Providence RI really is a one stop shop for all your moving, packing and storage needs!


Happy Moving 😊