A helping hand from family

Life goes fast, between kids’ soccer games to late work nights. Sometimes the only time families really get together are holidays. Well if you read our last blog post you know that the sorting and organizing steps can be a lot for 1 person to handle. Enlisting the help of other family members serves multiple purposes.

  • It gives you help in organizing and preparing for the move. Depending on how much stuff someone accumulates throughout the years this could take days (Trust us we have experience with this, but more of that in another post). Having other family members there can help the processes move a little faster.
  • It gets the family together! This is not going to be an easy time for family but having everyone there can be helpful. Like we said in past posts, the elderly family member is most likely not ready to leave there home. Having the family together who are supportive and encouraging will help take emotional stress away from them. We all know kids say the darndest things sometimes, having them around is always good for some comic relief and keeping the family laughing!


Happy Moving 😊