Moving an elderly family member – Communication

Communication is very important in life. On a daily basis we communicate about many different things. Well when moving an elderly family member is a time where communicating with them is going to be extremely important and helpful!

You are most likely taking your relative, whether its your mom, dad, aunt, uncle or grandparent out of their home that they have spent their whole life creating. To them this home you are taking them out of is most likely the only place they really know! This time for them is going to be difficult, they will be emotional. You need to communicate with them, talk to them about the place you are bringing them and why they have to go there. Show them pictures, explain all the activities and different things they will be able to do there! Let them know this is a good change not a bad on!

A lot of the time your elderly family member is going to feel like they are losing control. That they no longer have a say in what is happening in their lives. Talk them through how life will look at their new home, let them know that most of the time they can still live for the most part an independent life style just with a little each care.

Your Providence RI Movers at G Metz Moving understand that every family’s situation is different. We have many years of experience with moving elderly family members to assisted living facilities and handle each move with the utmost care and compassion your family deserves. Well let’s be honest that’s how we handle all our moves 😊

Let G Metz Moving, your trusted movers help you in transitioning your elderly family member to their new home!