April 2nd 2020 - Long Distance Moving


Moving itself can be a stressful time, but when you are moving long distance well that can add a bit more stress to your plate. G Metz Moving has more to do than just move you from point A to point B, we also are here to take some of your moving stress away. Here is some information about moving long distance with G Metz Moving!
- Free onsite estimate!
- Guaranteed price that wont change unless you change the move itself.
- Direct delivery (within 1-4 days). This all depends on where your destination is.
                 Under 12 hours – next day – 1 day after loading truck.
12-24 hours – 2-3 days after loading truck. 
36-48 hours- 3-4 days after loading truck.
 60-72 hours- 4-5 days after loading truck.
- Same crew.
The crew you have at your origin address is the same crew that will unload the truck at the destination address
. - No hidden fees!
- Friendly and respectable crew!
To help make your move stress free make sure you have a schedule and stick by it. Click here for a checklist to help you with your move!
Give us a call today for more information!
Check out our video on long distance moving during a pandemic