We want to make sure your pets stay safe during your move. When booking your move you want to make sure you inform the office of your pets. We want to make sure we do not send someone with an allergy on that job.

Your pets can sense the moving happening, they see you packing can tell something is changing. While you are packing you will want to talk to them and let them know what is happening in a calm voice. Let them know this is an exciting time and that they will love the new place! When they get to the new home they will be excited to explore!

  Before the crew gets onsite best practice is put your pets in a locked room with a note on the door letting the crew know not to open the door! Once you are fully moved into your new place then bring your pets over. This will allow it to feel more like home to them than an empty new place. 

If your pet runs away from their new home here are some helpful tips to getting them back: Stay calm and don't run after them. Running after them scares them into running further. Open up your yard. If you have a gated/fenced in yard you will want to make sure you leave them open to welcome the pet back. A lot of times they will return home on their own after they finish exploring the new neighborhood.  Put their stuff outside. Place their favorite toys, treats and bed outside. Your pet will sniff out their scent or even see it and come back. With cats you can place their litter box outside. Stay Positive! 

Check out this video for more information