April 7th 2020 - Trash Removal 

Our name is G Metz Moving and Storage, if we listed everything we can do in our name it would be so long. G Metz Moving, Hoisting, Trash Removal, Packing, Install, Long Distance Moving, Onsite and Offsite Storage. Now say that five times fast! Our point is, we do so much more than just moving and storage! I bet you, you didn’t know we did trash removal! This particular service might just be the thing you are looking for right now. We are all (yes, even us!) stuck as some may say in our homes, everything around us is closed so what do we do to keep busy? CLEAN! Spring cleaning is a lot of the time something that everyone drags their feet doing. Well this year it’s a little different, we have nothing to do but clean! Now that you have purged your children’s room, toy rooms, home offices, the junk draw (everyone has one!), basement, garage and the yard you look at all the stuff you have to get rid of and say “Now what?” Now is when you call G Metz Moving. We can pick up anything from individual pieces of furniture, mattress, box springs, boxes filled with smaller trinkets, and more. Keep in mind that there’re things we are unable to take, use the rule of thumb that if its hazardous we can’t take it. Including but not limited to anything flammable and chemicals. We also can’t take food. Helpful tip: This also goes for regular moves as well. Click here🌺 to check out our April coupon! Happy Cleaning 😊