What NOT to do on moving day – Part 2: Not showing them everything 5/12/2020

This is day 2 of a 5 day series of what not do to on moving day!

When your movers show up on moving day, they will introduce themselves to you and go over some initial paperwork and go over what you should expect throughout the day. They will ask to do an initial walk through of the home with you. This gives you the opportunity to give your movers a full picture of what the move is going to entail. You are going to want to tell them everything that they are going to have to do. They rather have a complete understanding and know what they are up against from the beginning of the day. You are not going to want to show them a few pieces and then when they are done give a few more, that is going to make the day go much slower. There are certain ways they pack the truck, think of it as a huge game of Tetris. If you keep adding things they might have to unload and reload part of the truck and this is going to slow down the move. Your best bet, even if you think it’s a lot is to tell the movers EVERYTHING from the beginning during the initial walk through.

Happy Moving 😊