What NOT to do on moving day – Plan your layout – May 13th 2020

By now you have been in your new home a few times for inspections and final walk through before closings. While you are in the home before the move take multiple pictures of every room of your home. You might find this funny put its going to be extremely helpful to you.  You are going to want to make sure before move day what room your furniture is going to go into at the new home. Having these pictures is going to help you to visually place your furniture in those rooms. Moving day is crazy enough, when you get to your new home you don’t want the added stress of not knowing where anything is going. By not know you are also going to slow the day up, having your movers go from room to room is for every piece of furniture is going to take a good chuck of the day. We want to make sure you move day goes smoothly and stress-free so make sure you plan your new homes layout in advance!