What NOT to do day of the move – Rush your movers – May 15th 2020

We know moving is an expense you set a budget for, this is why you call to get quotes. On moving day, you are not going to rush your movers to make the job go faster. You all have heard the term “Haste Makes Waste” right? We base our estimates off your list you provide us, the handicaps at each location (stairs, walking distance from truck to home, elevator size etc.)  and our employees. They work fast and efficient, rushing them is only going to cause a more hectic time for all. Rushing them can cause avoidable mishaps that in return are going to end up causing more time than if you just let them do their thing. They are highly trained professionals with lots of experience and know what they are doing. At the beginning of the move when you do a walk through with them, they are also taking mental notes about the best way to tackle each room so they have a game plan already.

You have done your job leading up to move day, now its our turn! Sit back, relax and let us take it from here!