What to keep with you on moving day – Drinks and Snacks – May 19th 2020

Welcome back! On today’s segment of ‘What To Keep With You On Moving Day’ we are going to talk about snacks and drinks. If your anything like us we LOVE snacks! Every move is different and times they take to complete vary. Everything in your home on moving day is going to be packed up and loaded into a truck. You are going to want to keep some snacks in your car to snack on as the day goes on. Sometimes moves can go past lunch time so you will need to have a little something to have on your person that is quick and easy to get to.

Drinks are another thing you will want to have on you. Especially on hotter summer days. The last thing you want to happen on moving day is getting dehydrated. Whether you have a little cooler you through some water bottles in or just have some loose cans or bottles of soda and Gatorade that is up to you. You are not going to have anything in your fridge and your cups will be packed away so this is why you will want to make sure you keep some bottles/cans in your car so you can stay hydrated!

Happy Moving Day 😊