What To Keep With You On Moving Day: May 20th 2020 – Payment Method

Well hello, welcome back to ‘What To Keep With You On Moving Day’ part 3. So far you should have any medications you may need and something to snack on and drink. Today let’s talk about payment methods.

By now you have talked to your movers about what forms of payment they accept and when they will be taking payment. G Metz Moving takes Cash Check or Credit/Debit for any local moving jobs. We will take the payment right before the last few pieces are taken off the truck.

Making sure you have your preferred choice of payment method with you on moving day will ensure for an easy end to moving day. You don’t want the end of the move to come and have to go scrambling to find payment or have to leave and go to the bank and leave the movers with the clock running.  

Happy Moving Day from your Trusted Providence RI Movers 😊