What To Keep With You On Moving Day – Phone Charger and Keys – May 21st 2020

Hello there! Welcome back! We are happy to see you are following along with us to see what you should always keep with you on moving day! Today we are going to talk about phone charger and keys. You may think to yourself well DUH! But you would be surprised how many times crews have tried to contact clients and their phones have died and where are their chargers? Packed in a box on the truck!

There sometimes are a lot of different phone calls you might have to make on moving day. Between closings, movers and sometimes contractors and cable guys! You do not want to risk your phone dying and not being able to contact anyone.

Keys are another thing you want to make sure you have near by ready to grab. You again might think this is a bit obvious but sometimes its easy to forgot that you might need keys to a shed, garage or storage unit that we might need access to and those keys might not be on your everyday keychain. You want to make sure those keeps are kept handy so we can move you with ease!

Happy Moving from your trusted Providence RI movers! See you tomorrow!