Are There Any Hidden Fees?

Who likes getting an estimate from someone and when payment time goes BAM a million different fees just all of a sudden? I know I don’t! Most of the time when you are calling around for estimates, no matter what the services is you are doing so for budgeting purpose. Am I right? 9 times out of 10 this is the case when people call G Metz Moving to get an estimate.

You are looking for about what is it going to cost to move your entire home. Then based on what you are told you might decide to move the smaller things and boxes yourselves to make the cost on moving day a little more manageable and just have your movers move the larger pieces that are to heavy or just don’t fit in your car. Obviously, you know the cost is just an estimate give or take a little but is a rough idea to what you will have to give as payment. Fast forward to the end of the move and BAM your bill is around the estimate give but then all of these added fees that were never told to you at the time of booking. Its now to late, the move is done and you are stuck with the crazy bill that you did not expect. Kind of leaves you stuck in a crappy situation, right?

This is exactly why asking about hidden fees when you call for your estimate is important! At G Metz Moving our goal is make your move as stress free as we possibly can. We start taking the stress about by, you guessed it NO HIDDEN FEES! We do not tack on addition fees at the end of the move. We let you know everything you needed to know at the time of booking so there are no surprises at time of payment.

Some fee to look out for are:

Truck fee

Fuel surcharge