Moving elderly family members – Planning effectively, Sorting and Organizing

With no doubt in my mind this move from their home of many, many, many years is going to be a big downsize for them. They are coming from a multiroom and even level home to a smaller, sometimes only 1 room apartment. There is NO possible way you will be able to have every piece of furniture they have accumulated over the years moved over. Don’t worry we have an idea for the remaining furniture we will talk about later!

If you are anything like me, you are a visual person. You need to get your eyes on what you are going to be working with. Not a bad thing, this will actually come in handy for this move believe it or not! Before you even begin to sort through the home you are going to want to get the following information from the new facility you will be moving your relative to.

♥ How many rooms will need to be furnished?

♥ How many SQ FT is the new apartment?

♥ What floor and unit number they will be moving to! 

(Your movers will ask the last one when you call to book your move!)


Why is this information important you ask? Answer is simple, it will give you an idea of how much furniture you will be able to bring over for them at the new place. A good way to effectively plan and create a visual for your loved is by making a scaled drawing of what the new place looks like on paper. Even easier if you use graphing paper. You could draw out furniture where it would go on the paper but if your art skills are horrible like mine place little pictures of them on the paper! This well help your loved one get a little be of a picture of what they are moving into!


You’re not done yet! You now have all the information your need to really get to work! Its time to sort and organize! Now is when you will start to go through the home to figure out what is going to the new apartment and what isn’t. Within the “What isn’t pile” you need to find out what to keep and what is being disposed of. All of this might seem a bit stressful and that is where your Providence RI movers at G Metz Moving come into play!


Remember early when we talked about an idea, we had for the furniture left behind? Well here it is. Storing it at G Metz Moving! We understand that it can be hard to part with different belongings right away and frankly you shouldn’t have to! So, after we move your relative to their new place, we can take the remaining boxes and furniture and store them at our storage facility! It will be in a safe, secure climate-controlled facility!


G Metz Moving understands this is a delicate time for all and we are here to make the transition smooth and as stress free as possible!


Happy Moving 😊