Home Staging Providence RI Area

You may ask yourself what is staging? This might be something that you never even thought was an option! Staging can be a couple of different things. 

  • You may be selling your home and your realtor tells you it needs to be staged and "Decluttered." This would mean you might have to take advantage of our offsite storage and then have our moving crew move some furniture around your home.
  • You might be having a flooring company come to redo some of the floors in your home. You will need to have the furniture moved to another side of the room or if you have room in another room we can store it there for you as well. 
  • On the commercial side, you might need to have somethings stored within a building that you might not have room for or be ready for in certain offices. This is something that our moving staff would be able to assist you with.